Technical Training Program

Soft skill Training Program

Leadership Skills

This program is tailored to help the participant make the transition from an individual contributor to an effective leader. The goal is to give managers and supervisors the leadership skills to survive and excel in the business world. They will learn valuable strategies thereby making themselves more productive and better capable to lead others. During the training they will discover their own unique leadership style and learn how to maximise that style and use it to their best advantage. This highly interactive and essential training, features regular participant activity, along with mini-case studies and role-plays, to enhance the participant's learning experience.

Conversation Skills

The objective of this program is to equip participants with critical skills to start and maintain a conversation. This program shall enable participants to speak confidently and correctly. It introduces them to different styles of communication and focuses on verbal communication. Learners shall overcome the barriers to an effective communication and be able to hold short forceful conversations in a professional setting. The training features ample opportunities for practicing conversation skills in the form of extempore sessions, activities and role plays to improve the participant's learning experience.

Business Communication

This program enables the participants to manage corporate communication with ease. This helps participants improve their skills to communicate their point quickly, clearly, assertively and persuasively. They also learn to analyse the audience's needs and how to structure their thoughts and develop key information to present it appropriately for better results. This highly interactive program uses techniques such as activities, role plays and written exercises to enhance the participants' skills for better business communication.

Team Management

This program will help the participants gain a clear insight into their roles as team leaders and acquire competencies to manage and lead teams. The objective of the program is to provide participants necessaryskills which can help them to guide their team efficiently. The participant will be able to understand the team's needs, the expectations of his organisation and situations in which the participant acts as anintermediary between the two. This highly interactive training features regular participant activity, along with case studies and role-plays, to enhance the participant's learning experience.

Time & Stress Management

This program teaches practical tools and includes discussion, group activities and applied exercises. Various approaches to time management such as the urgent/important matrix, innovative interactive training techniques and models are used. The focus of the program is to help participants manage their commitments to make best use of their time. The program seamlessly transitions into Stress Management as an important tool to manage and create time.

Campus to Corporate

This program is aimed at new joinees from the campus. At the commencement of the program the participant will get an understanding on the corporate culture and the ability to navigate various situations. The participants shall improve their etiquette skills and professional image. This interactive program will focus on essential skills that professionals need to distinguish themselves and make a positive impact on their work and social lives.


This program aims to enable the participant to sell consistently and build relationships, thereby improving sales revenue and profit margins.In the program they shall get an overview of the buying and selling process, inputs to match products and solutions to customers' individual needs and tactics to gain customer commitment to the next step. Training areas covered in this program include setting goals, presentation skills, negotiation skills, to deal with objective and to gain trust.

Business Writing

This program is designed specifically for people, who regularly write e-mails, reports, meeting summaries, documents or other business correspondence. In the program, the participants receive tips on how to compose documents that get attention and prompt action. This training includes various types of written exercises to provide the participants with ample exercises to enhance their learning experience.

Facilitation Skills

This program equips participants with a structured approach to the planning, conduct and follow-up of facilitated workshops. Several facilitation techniques and processes are taught and guidelines are provided on 'why, when and how' to use them. Throughout the course attention is focused on the effective management of the people dynamics. Participants will learn how to recognize group dynamics and motivations through dialogue, feedback and consensus building.

Team Building

This program aims to help participants recognise the importance of teamwork and teach them how to create bonds within teams. The participants also discover that diversity is their greatest asset and trust, cooperation and effective communication are the key to a team's success. The activities in this program are designed to motivate the participants to pool their talents and perform to the best of their ability, both individually and as team players. The program further helps participant's build a strong camaraderie among team members and to develop an enthusiasm to take initiative and lead.

Interviewing Skills

This program helps the managers learn the skills to prepare for and conduct an effective selection interview. The prpgram includes how to prepare, conduct, and follow-up an interview. This will make the participant aware about the interview process, from obtaining an invitation to an interview to follow-up after the interview. The participants shall be able to understand the employer's perspective, proper interview demeanor, including listening and answering, asking questions, effective communication and negotiating.

Emotional Intelligence

The course is designed to increase the participant's mastery of emotional intelligence in order to increase their own effectiveness and to support others to develop EQ. It focuses on teaching participants how to handle their emotions and gear them towards a positive outcome. The course talks about how to respond proactively and communicate more effectively..

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