Sharepoint 2010

Course Outline:

This course takes users who have never used SharePoint 2010 through introductory lessons on how to create and edit information in SharePoint`. The course explains the purpose of SharePoint sites, how to navigate between sites and how to create and edit list items such as contacts and calendar events. The course also covers uploading and editing documents and the basic document management features of SharePoint 2010. The course also provides users who will be SharePoint 2010 site Administrators with the skills and knowledge to manage a SharePoint site and sub-sites. Employees/ Students/ Students will learn how to create new sites and create new pages within sites as well as configuring navigation between pages within the site. The course explains how to customize the look and feel of a site using the administrative settings as well as how to manage security and information management policies for the site.

The purpose of this course is to present Employees/ Students with a thorough understanding of SharePoint Server 2010 planning and configuration. The course covers the fundamental features found in SharePoint Foundation as well as those that are unique to SharePoint Server.

The purpose of this course is to present Employees/ Students with strategies and techniques for customizing team sites and publishing sites in a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 environment. The course will teach professionals how to transform out-of-the-box SharePoint sites by applying corporate layouts, logos, colors, and graphics. In the process Employees/ Students will learn best practices in user-interface design and the use of graphic elements as well as how to incorporate workflow and business intelligence components into sites.


  • Target Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • General Introduction
  • Introduction to SharePoint
  • SharePoint Architecture
  • SP Installation & Administration
  • SharePoint Site Hierarchy
  • Farm Settings
  • Managing and Extending Web Applications
  • Managing Site Collections and Databases
  • Enterprise Content Types and Managed Metadata
  • Document Management
  • Information Policies and Records Management


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